Mystery Shopping

“If shopping doesn’t make you happy you are in the wrong shop.” – Mimosa Rose

In the last year, 82% of disabled consumers in the UK took their business to a more accessible competitor and the buying experiences of disabled consumers can also impact the decisions made by family or friends.

Mystery visits can help identify an action plan for promoting improved recruitment/service delivery and, for people with different needs and from diverse groups, remove barriers in your customer experience.  Such visits have become a popular method of gathering consumer research, which helps businesses to evaluate customer service.  Mystery visits can help business to fully embrace diversity, embed a culture of inclusion and gain a competitive advantage. Mystery visits will also enable you to identify any training needs as well as allowing you to recognise valuable employees. I am able to offer a truly unique insight into any organisation whether it is a hotel, train operator, museum, retail outlet or a community space.

By engaging people with very diverse needs I can help you generate and identify innovations that are useful beyond the groups you created them for.  It’s amazing what you find when you take a different perspective.  I can carry out mystery shopping that is scenario, impairment or group specific.

Once I’ve completed a visit I can also provide awareness training for your staff if required. I have a range of training courses, which might be of interest to your business.