“The power of coaching is this – you are expected to give people the path to find answers, not the answers.” – Tom Mahalo

“People will exceed targets they set themselves.” – Gordon Dryden

My extensive training in coaching includes:

  • Beginning Coaching Proficiencies
  • Life Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching Intensive
  • Full Practice Marketing
  • Building Your Practice in this Downward Global Economy
  • Passive Income for Active Coaches
  • Advanced Coaching Proficiencies
  • Coaching the Large Life / Success Strategies
  • Finding Your Groove in Group Coaching
  • A Master Class for Coaches
  • Coaching: The Next Evolution
  • Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

I am a probing, questioning and resourceful coach with a genuine interest in people and an ability to rapidly develop rapport with clients.  I work with my clients so they can address deeply-rooted limiting beliefs holding them back and reconfigure their thinking to achieve inspirational moments and breakthrough situations.