Empowerment through Engagement and Active Listening

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 So why should you work with me?

Madeline CloseEveryone has an insight and a story to tell which can inspire innovation, improve staff engagement and build a stronger team culture.

My mission is to find the stories that best convey the views of your patients, clients, customers or beneficiaries and to help you use these stories to improve your services.

If your research involves exploring how people experience something or what their views are, could you use my help to undertake qualitative research?

Good engagement is good business.  Do you know who you want to involve and why, and how can you ensure you hear from busy people or from those often considered “hard to reach”?

Do you need help to bring key stakeholders together, to encourage and inform debate and to raise awareness of important issues? Please contact me if you are looking for creative ways to involve people in influencing the future of services.

Are you looking for a speaker who will leave your audience with a lasting impression of your event that they will take forward?

I would want to make sure that your event results in follow-up activities that help you achieve your long-term objectives and contribute to your engagement.

Do you need help to fully embrace diversity and embed a culture of inclusion, to evaluate customer service and gain a competitive advantage?  It’s amazing what you find when you take a different perspective.  I can carry out mystery shopping that is scenario, impairment or group specific.

Disability awareness training can also give you a competitive edge and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements as I tailor my services to each client’s needs and objectives.